Retain your enterprise critical knowledge

Preserve and leverage your single greatest asset

Need to prevent your company from a knowledge-loss crisis?

Few companies think explicitly about what knowledge they rely on, which part is key to their success and how critical knowledge assets should be managed.Indeed, most companies ignore what knowledge is strategic, where it resides nor how to retain and share it :

  • What is critical?
  • How to find it?
  • How to capture it?
  • How to make it reusable?

At Kadrant, it’s our business to map, locate and capture critical knowledge.

Whatever your business’ core competencies, we bring more than 20 years of experience spotting out and eliciting critical knowledge. We use a proven methodology called MASK (Method to Analyse and Structure Knowledge), the foundation of the ISO 30401 standard, dedicated to knowledge management.

During our missions and within a couple of months, we are releasing « knowledge books« ,  containing between hundreds of interconnected pages , coding and modeling with precision a specific domain of expertise, using the 6 different and interactive perspectives of the MASK methodology.

Easy to use, easy to share, easy to update, Kadrant’s knowledge books became day to day tools for our clients to manage their critical knowledge.

At Kadrant, we use 4 criteria to map and identify critical knowledge



Your knowledge is absolutly needed to support current and future business strategies


Your knowledge is your very core and drives competitive advantage.


When it is difficult to find documentation and no cohorts to lever.


Your knowledge resides with 1 expert at risk of losing, when it's not easily available externally

Our services secure and foster the access to your critical knowledge

Mapping your critical Knowledge

Where is your knowledge at risk and critical for your performance ?

Modeling your critical Knowledge

How to capture, structure and retain knowledge efficiently ?

Assessing your KM Maturity

How good are you at capturing, structuring and sharing knowledge?

Aligning on a Knowledge strategy

What are your priorities to gain incomparable competitive advantage ?

Our track record

Domains of expertise investigated
Knowledge books completed

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