Background and missions

Kadrant was founded in 2002 by Jean-François Tendron with the full support from Jean-Louis Ermine, author and creator of the MASK methodology (Method to Analyse and Structure Knowledge). Over the last 3 decades, the extensive use of MASK in various domain of expertise has proven the methodology to be robust whatever the industry or domain of expertise to be retained.  No surprise then if the new ISO 30401 standard born in 2018 and dedicated to knowledge management, is widely inspired by the MASK methodology.

Kadrant’s mission is to help companies unlock and retain critical knowledge, usually stored in experts’ head, to protect, enhance and even grow their core business and competitive advantage.

Consequently, core business for Kadrant is to:

    • secure knowledge threatened by restructuring, retirements or reassignments of critical individuals (all sectors, due to COVID19 for example ).
    • secure large bodies of technical and / or scientific knowledge (in the defence or atomic energy field for example).
    • identify gaps and formulate hypothesis in exploratory R&D domains (in the food industry).
    • facilitate industrial knowledge transfers (in the food industry, lens industry, industrial gases industries).
    • facilitate knowledge intensive partnership development (in the energy or industrial gases fields for example).
    • create critical knowledge training support (all sectors).

Kadrant was born from the observation that most companies are encountering similar difficulties in managing and capitalizing their knowledge, despite increasingly efficient IT and communication tools. These companies, providing their employees with powerful tools for sharing and recording exponentially growing information, are facing three challenges which are difficult to address:

  • The identification of  the tangible and intangible capital of their organization
  • The identification of the critical knowledge to capitalize and retain
  • A robust method to capture and share knowledge

The services and know-how developed by Kadrant since 2003 are solution components for companies to resolve those points mentioned above and consist of :

  • Knowledge management maturity assessment
  • Critical knowledge mapping
  • Knowledge management strategy alignment
  • Knowledge modeling, in the form of a « knowledge book »

The MASK methodology used by Kadrant to perform its mission has been developed to solve knowledge capitalization problems. It is based on a formal theory of knowledge, a structured methodology and a set of tools.

Since 2003, Kadrant has produced an impressive list of over 300 Knowledge Books, in various domains with big names from the whole industries:  AIEA (Austria), Bombardier, CNEN (Brazil), Chronopost, CNEA (Argentina), Cofinoga, Comité des vins Saint-Emilion,  Décathlon, French DGA, EDF, Ernst & Young, Essilor (France and USA), French Defense, GDF, INRS, International Atomic Energy Agency, Kraft, La Poste, Merck-Millipore, Mondelez, Onera, PSA Peugeot, PPT Chemical (Thailand), Rhône-Poulenc, Saint Gobain, Thomson CSF Optronique…


Core team


Jean-François TENDRON

MASK Expert, Director

Jean-François TENDRON holds a diploma in Aeronautical Engineering (Ecole Supérieur des Techniques Aéronautiques, Paris - 1991). He was subsequently trained on Knowledge Management (French Atomic Energy Commission - 1999) and on Project Management (Cap Gemini Ernst & Young - 2000).

Jean-Louis TENDRON began his career as a production engineer for a French Group in South East Asia (Construction). He then became rapidly the MIS manager of the Group (1995). Back to France in 1999, he joined Cap Gemini Ernst & Young as a senior consultant in Knowledge Management before creating Kadrant, in 2002, with the aim of developing a partnership with the French Ministry of Defence. He relocated in South East Asia in 2011.

Jean-François TENDRON managed tens of industrial Knowledge Management assignments in public or private companies and international organizations in France (Defence, Lens Industry, Transport, Services) and abroad (Energy, Various industries – Food, Industrial Gases, Aviation, Tyre –, Transport and Public Administration), essentially in the US. To this day he has produced more than 120 Knowledge Books.

Jean-Louis Ermine

Jean-Louis Ermine

MASK method founder

Jean-Louis Ermine holds a PhD in fundamental mathematics (Denis Diderot University of Paris) and the diploma of National Research Director in computer science (University of Bordeaux).

Jean-Louis Ermine began his career as a teacher-researcher at the Universities of Algiers and Bordeaux. He has worked at the French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission (CEA) as a Knowledge Manager for more than 10 years. From 2003 to 2015, he was a professor at Institut Mines-Telecom, successively director of the Information Systems department, associate dean of research and associate dean of innovation. He is currently Professor Emeritus at Institut Mines-Telecom and expert consultant in Business Knowledge Management.

Jean-Louis Ermine has been managing or advising in numerous research or industrial Knowledge Management projects in public or private companies and international organizations in France (Industry, Energy, Transport, Defence, Banking, SMEs ...) and abroad (Sonatrach (Algeria), Hydro-Québec, Public Administration (Canada), IPEN (Brazil), National Nuclear Safety Authorities (Asia), United States, UN ...). He was French delegate for ISO International Standards Commission on Knowledge Management (2018-2019)He is the creator of the MASK Knowledge Management method, which is now widely used in various companies and organizations around the world.

Jean-Louis Ermine has written 8 books and more than 100 articles in peer-reviewed journals and conferences. He is creator and Honorary President of the French Knowledge Management Club since 1999, an association bringing together many francophone companies and the French Academic Association for Knowledge Management (AGeCSO) since 2008.

Jean-Philippe MASSIN

MASK expert, Director

Jean-Philippe MASSIN holds a military, maritime and engineering diploma from the École Navale, the french Naval Academy, promotion 1986. He was subsequently trained on Knowledge Management (with JL Ermine in1999), on Project and Spend Management (Cap Gemini Ernst & Young - 2000) and on complex business development technics (Accenture 2010)

Jean-Philippe MASSIN started his career in the french navy in 1990 as watch officer and combat officer on the TDC OURAGAN prior to onboard on aircraft ATL1 as tactical coordinator for 3 years. Afterward, he spent 7 years in management consulting firms (IMR, Ernst & Young) developing expertise on 3 domains: Operation excellence, Sourcing & procurement, Knowledge Management. Will follow 7 years as CEO of Eutilia N.V., an innovative eMarketplace founded by 11 of the biggest European Utilities to digitalise jointly their purchasing process and share critical knowledge about core supply markets. He will continue to undertake and drive business development with Capgemini, Ariba, Accenture and Deolan as a member of the executive committee.

Jean-Philippe MASSIN conducted Knowledge Management projects at Ernst & Young and Eutilia N.V. to facilitate access to critical business and supply market information. He teamed-up Jean-Francois TENDRON since 1998 releasing jointly several Knowledge Books in different industries but mainly Defense.